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"It’s not just the words that people will remember, but how I made them feel afterward.”

— Tony Achmat



Over 30 years experience in Coaching, Training and Speaking


Tony's bio

Born in Indonesia, lived in Australia, Asia and Europe, currently in Czech Republic.

Tony Achmat spent the last 27 years living in Prague and working throughout Europe where he specializes in soft skills trainings, management coaching, leadership development seminars and speaking at conferences and kick-offs.

He is originally from Australia, a Vietnam veteran, and has lived and worked in many countries. His work professional experience is extensive and includes owning and managing a large landscaping firm in Australia.

Tony enjoys the friendship and respect of many CEOs and continually seeks improvements to his trainings and coaching. His life values characterize his personal interactions, as is evidenced by the international success he has achieved.

He champions a “get busy living or get busy dying” outlook has little patience with the “it’s okay attitudes“ evident in todays world.



"My values are being engagedcandid and human — all values that enable me to connect with people in ways others can’t."

— Tony Achmat



Global Trainer and Leadership Developer Award


Valued recognition

Received on the 25th Jubilee Global HRD Congress.

Following his 27 years working with the corporate community in Europe, in 2017 Tony received a Global Trainer and Leadership Developer Award in Mumbai, India.

The award recognises international business coaches and trainers with exceptional merit and long-term commitment.



"My ability to show people their own value has been a cornerstone of my work."

— Tony Achmat



Awarded Public Speaker and Business Coach



Based on more than 30 years working experience with the corporate community.

The values that Tony lives by and brings in abundance to all the interactions he is involved in are engagement, candor and being human.

These three values have been the basis on which he has built his successful corporate training, coaching/mentoring and speaking business.

1. Public Speaking

Delivering a message that is clear, uncluttered and motivating is what Tony delivers when addressing an audience whether large or small. 

2. Business Coaching and Mentoring

The shadowing and coaching delivered by Tony has been proven successful from CEO’s to team leads. The experience that he brings to coaching and mentoring is gained from his life long journey.

3. Corporate Trainings

Tony is frank and engaged when training and believes in the saying “If we train them and they leave, we lose. But if we don’t train them, they stay.” To get the best from people you must train the best and the reputation he has gained proves he is one of the best.

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